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Istanbul is often regarded as the cultural and economic center of Turkey, although it is not the country’s capital. The city has over 13 million inhabitants and is known as a major trading city in the world. Every year Istanbul is visited by a huge amount of tourists.

Car driving is a common part of the culture of the city and it is, therefore, excellent to rent a car in Istanbul. For convenience, you can rent a car already at the airport. Istanbul Airport is the official airport of the city, and here there are cars rented by large firms such as Avis and Budget. Thus, after arriving by plane to Istanbul, it is only to take one of the main roads into the city.

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istanbul arac kiralama istanbulcodex 2Tips and Advice on Driving a Car in Istanbul and The Surrounding Area

There is no problem driving a car in Istanbul, but traffic can be bit by bit quite dense and intense. There are a few things you should think about. The first is that in Turkey there are several tolls at bridges and on highways. These tolls cannot be paid by cash or credit card, but must use special tolls that can be replenished with money. If you have a European driver’s license, you should be able to drive around without problems in Istanbul, but just in case it may be useful to arrange for an international driver’s license before you leave. Finally, it may be worth mentioning that several experts advise against driving if you are going to specific delimited districts inside the city’s suburbs or to travel destinations far outside Istanbul, such as Cappadocia. In these cases, you are advised to leave the car at your Istanbul hotel and use other means of transport instead. This, of course, does not mean that it is a bad idea to rent a car, because there is enough in the city itself for it to be well worth the price to visit one of the companies engaged in car rental in Istanbul.

Much To See On The Car Ride Through Istanbul

This Turkish city is full of exciting experiences, and your trip to Istanbul will be a memory for life. The city is famous not least for its architecture and beautiful buildings. Take the opportunity to drive around and watch everything the city has to offer! Among other things, a visit is recommended to the beautiful Topkapi Palace, which was built in the 15th century and has so much to see that you can spend a whole day on the site. Equally well-known is the 17th-century Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet), which is both a landmark and a religious center. If you are not so interested in buildings, you can go to attractions like Istanbul Aquarium, which counts as one of the world’s best aquariums, or Rahmi M. Koc Museum, which is a modern technical museum where there is something for the whole family.

Finally, one should not forget about the classic Turkish baths. In a real Turkish bath, you go through a number of departments with different kinds of baths to finally get a charitable massage. A cleansing and invigorating experience for your body after you have been sitting in a car all day long.

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Travel With Car Rental in Istanbul

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