Popular Shopping Districts in İstanbul

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Istanbul is not only a land of antiquities but also a special city that houses the architecture of different eras. The largest city in Turkey is literally called Paradise for shoppers. You can go shopping in Istanbul literally all day, tirelessly, and never cease to be surprised by the variety of luxury shopping stores and boutiques offering products for all occasions.

Here you can find everything your heart desires, and even more. Shopping in Istanbul is not only an opportunity to update your wardrobe. This and a myriad of ornaments and jewelry, original furnishing of the interior, and also home appliances and electronics of all brands.

Osmanbey district: Textiles and clothing

This area is one of the most famous in the city for the sale of clothing and textiles. This area can be described, perhaps, the most popular shopaholics around the world coming to Istanbul.

Here, on Rumeli Street; there are stores of Turkish brands of different price categories; textiles in abundance. And on the street, Abdi Ipekci here is large number of branded boutiques of world-famous brands.

Laleli district: Wholesale purchases

Guests from all over the world have long chosen Laleli district and consider it one of the favorite places for shopping in Istanbul. Indeed, this area can be called a Paradise for modern fashionistas and fashionistas. Local shops and boutiques specialize mainly in selling clothes, shoes and wardrobe accessories for male and female. People often come here to get a stylish fur coat or a beautiful cloak made of genuine leather. English-speaking tourists liking also because the sellers of almost every outlet are very well expressed in English.

Zeytinburnu district: Leather and fur products

This district has an industrial reputation, but it is an attractive place for many tourists who want to enjoy Istanbul shopping. The reason lies in the production volume. The production of many textile factories in Zeytinburnu is concentrated.

Leather and fur enthusiasts come to this district of Istanbul with enthusiasm. Textile factories, known for their production of wardrobe products, are located in the region.

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