How is Traffic in Istanbul?

istanbul traffic

Istanbul is a city with a huge population, which leads to the fact that traffic can be manic. If you wish to rent a car in Istanbul, you should expect a stressful ride, because you will often be cut off and unlike in Europe, it honks everything. No matter how hard it may be, it is of the utmost importance to stay calm and mastered. The city has over one and a half million motorists which can lead to small chaos. The city itself is divided on two different continents and is connected by two bridges.

To cross these bridges, it is necessary to pay a toll. Keep in mind that they do not accept cash, but need to be by credit card or if you purchase a transponder and pay when you return the car. Keep in mind that on weekdays you should expect large traffic jams, possibly several hours on the roads leading to the bridges. Especially in the morning there are large queues to the Western bridge, leading to the European part and in the evening to the eastern bridge leading to the Asian side. You will also notice that it is often very poorly signposted, generally throughout Turkey. It is very common for even taxi drivers stop and ask someone on the street.

  • Turkey has right-hand traffic
  • Seat belt is mandatory
  • Children under 36 kg need to sit in a car seat or car cushiongalata nostalji istanbulcodex araba

Where Can I Park My Rental Car in Istanbul?

Finding a parking spot for your car rental in Istanbul can be something of a nightmare. Since the streets are so full and the parking places are insufficient for so many, you will see that most local drivers park huller about noise, try to avoid this, because it is difficult to know where it is allowed to do so. It is better to take the time and try to find a private parking place where it is possible to park for a fee, look for the word otopark.

Expect prices around 5tl / hour with lower price if you choose to park for a longer time. When you drive around looking for parking space, you may encounter the traffic light pulsating red, which is common when there is almost no traffic on that road, as in the evening time or night. Then you do not have to wait for it to turn green, which it will not do. Without it, just stop and check if the road is free, and then run on.

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