Hagia Sophia

hagia sophia history

Hagia Sophia in the center of Istanbul in the first era, there is a wooden roofed basilica on the first hill. Completed during the reign of Constantius and opened on February 15, 360

The church was destroyed in time by various riots and natural disasters. During the reign of Justinian, Hagia Sophia was restored and rebuilt in a larger and glorious way. Justinianos commissioned Anthemios of Tralles and Isidoros of Miletus for the reconstruction of Hagia Sophia and brought materials for reconstruction from various parts of the empire. Thus, eight large red porphyry columns from Heliopolis in Egypt, from the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus in Western Anatolia, Pillars were brought from Ba’lebek in Kyzikos and Syria, as well as marbles of different breeds and colors from other places.

When Istanbul was conquered by II.Mehmed(The Conqueror) in 1453, Hagia Sophia became a mosque.In 1923, the Ottoman Empire disintegrated and Hagia Sophia became a museum.

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