Best time to relax in Istanbul

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The best time to travel to Istanbul is spring and autumn, to be more precise, it is the following months: April, May, September, and early October. At this time in Istanbul are good weather, a lot of festivals and tourists from around the world. In this article, you will learn what the weather in Istanbul is like in months, how hot it is in Istanbul in summer and how cold and rainy it is in winter, what you can do in Istanbul if you are unlucky with the weather.

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Weather and climate in Istanbul by months – Photo: Emre Gencer

Weather and climate in Istanbul by months

Weather and climate in Istanbul by months

The hottest months are July and August.

The best months to travel to Istanbul (in terms of weather) are April, May, September, and early October.

I suggest starting with a look at the graph illustrating the temperature and rainfall in Istanbul by month. Such figures and graphs are most often cited in articles and guides to Istanbul.

Tourist season in Istanbul

Istanbul is an enormous city not only for shopping enthusiasts or businessmen but also for ordinary tourists who are drunk with the Orientalist mood of the East; it harmoniously combines modernism with ancient architecture and ancient traditions. Istanbul can be described as an old romantic, elegant city that keeps up with the times.

Tourist season in Turkey never stops; people come here not only in summer but in all seasons. But as such, the influx of tourists is observed in the period from April to October, when the daytime temperature ranges from 16 °C to 28 °C.

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