3000-year-old Greek Processional ‘Sacred Road’ Discovered in Turkey

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The 3,000-year-old Yol Sacred Way layan, which connects the ancient cities of Stratonikeia and Lagina, will be unearthed by excavations and brought to tourism.

The 3,000-year-old Yol Sacred Road layan connecting the ancient cities of Stratonikeia and Lagina in Yatağan district of Muğla is unearthed with excavations.

The ancient city of Stratonikeia in the Eskihisar neighborhood is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ancient city, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Principalities, Ottoman and Republican period is one of the rare places where a combination of works is remarkable.

Excavations in the city this year, the North City Gate and the “Sacred Way” columns in the path to the feet are removed, the region’s tombs are revealed.

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YataÄŸan Ä°lçesi’nde bulunan Stratonikeia ile Lagina Antik Kenti arasında bulunan ve antik dönemde dini törenlerde kullanılan 3 bin yıllık “kutsal yol” kazı çalışmaları ile turizme kazandırılacak. Kentte bu yıl yürütülen kazı çalışmalarında Kuzey Şehir Kapısı ve Kutsal Yol güzergahında bulunan sütunlar ayaÄŸa kaldırılarak bölgedeki mezarlarda gün yüzüne çıkarılıyor. ( DurmuÅŸ Genç – Anadolu Ajansı )
Muğla Ancient Road Archaeological Studies

Stratonikeia Ancient City Head of Excavation Committee, Pamukkale University Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Archeology Department Professor. Dr. Bilal Söğüt, AA correspondent, said Stratonikeia’nın, is among the most important cities of the Caria region, he said.

Willow, the world’s largest marble city Stratonikeia’nın, Anatolia’s indigenous peoples of Karelia and Leleglere said that the settlement.

Söğüt emphasized that it is possible to find traces of thousands of years of historical past in and around the Ancient City of Stratonikeia.

“The Sacred Way was used in the Lagina Hecate sanctuary, which was used from ancient times to the present, as ceremonial paths at the time of ceremonies. This place is also very important in terms of religion. It is the most important sacred road that connects the political center Stratonikeia with the religious center Lagina. In ancient times, the priests from Lagina, the girl carrying the key in the front and the choir in the back, the Holy Road to Stratonikeia’ya North Gate through the ceremonies were participating. “

Kuzey Şehir Kapısı’nın antik dönemde kentin en önemli yerlerinden olduğunu vurgulayan Söğüt, buranın devamında Lagina Hekate kutsal alanının bulunduğunu bildirdi.

“It will be unearthed and brought to tourism”

Willow, this year from the North City Gate to the Lagina’ya Sacred Road, said they started excavation.

Söğüt said that visitors coming to the region wanted to see these areas and said, “There were very important tombs here. We want to keep the grave tradition of the Sacred Way here by exhibiting the most important of these places. ”

Excavations in the area of the 3 thousand-year process that expressed the stages of Sogut, said:

“This year we are conducting both excavation and conservation. Here we are carrying out the arrangement by removing the columns. Because the pavement of the road stands in mind with its natural and authentic condition that it was built in antiquity. We also protect them. Sarcophagi were especially famous during the Roman period. We know that sarcophagi were sent from here to many regions. Our aim is to bring the Sacred Way to the surface with the materials of the period and bring it to tourism. ”

Willow, Stratonikeia Antique City, those who come, North City Gate by entering the work carried out to visit here, he added.

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Ancient ‘Sacred Way’

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